Tax deferred by reducing gross compensation for federal income tax only. This contribution may be allocated by choosing any of the two current vendors, offering several choices of investment options. % of gross salary. Tax deferred by reducing gross from SERS and will have 45 days to elect A-4 Class of Service.   Deferred compensation—when offered as an investment account or a stock option—has the potential to increase capital gains over time. Rather than simply receiving the amount that was initially. You can choose either the (b) tax-deferred annuity and/or the (b) deferred compensation plan. This is in addition to and separate from the mandatory contributions you make to your Penn State retirement plan, whether you are in SERS or the Alternate Retirement Plan. a tax-deferred plan into a Roth IRA, but because Roth IRAs are funded with after-tax dollars, you’ll be required to pay income tax on your contributions at the time of the rollover. South Veterans Parkway P.O. Box Springfield, IL Email: State Employees’ Retirement System. DEFERRED COMPENSATION PLAN DIRECT ROLLOVER FORM. IOCI Type or print clearly in ink. Initial any corrections, additions, deletions, or changes in pen. For more information, call the Deferred Compensation Division at () or () , Ext. 3. Scan forms to: SECTION A: PRIOR RETIREMENT PLAN.

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The Deferred Compensation Plan Statement of Investment Policy defines the purpose of this retirement plan, the investment options to be offered through the plan, and the roles of those responsible for managing the plan. Employees for most SERS-participating employers also have access to the Deferred Compensation Plan, which is a voluntary supplemental investment plan with tax deferred benefits.

“Deferred comp” makes it easy to set aside more money for retirement by allowing you to have some of your pay automatically deducted on a pre-tax basis and invested.

SERS Deferred Compensation Plan Locust Street, Suite Harrisburg, Pennsylvania You can always change your contribution rate by choosing Customize enrollment or by using the investment assistance options.

If you are considering an investment product, be sure to compare the fees for that product to those offered through the SERS Deferred Compensation Plan. In most cases, the deferred comp fees will be lower because they have been professionally negotiated for a large employer-based investment pool. There are professionally selected investment options, with various risk levels, and a self-directed brokerage account option that is intended for knowledgeable investors who acknowledge and understand the risks associated with the investments.1 Personal Service Deferred comp specialists are located across the state and are available to help you.

Deferred Compensation - The Deferred Compensation plan is available to all employees, regardless of enrollment in any group retirement plan. The Deferred Compensation plan allows employees to contribute additional pre-tax money towards their retirement.

Unlike the group retirement plans, there is no employer contribution. The investment options offered under the New York State Deferred Compensation Plan offer diversity and flexibility to Plan participants.

Amounts that participants contribute to the Plan may be invested in one or more of the above investment options. The asset classification and/or investment style of any investment option may change. The. Finally, most deferred compensation plans allow the participant to choose investment options for their deferred compensation balances, much like a menu of investment options for a (k).

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In some. Some A deferred compensation plan options give you the opportunity to select specific investment options that allow your money to grow over time like they would in a k or an IRA. There may be some plans that provide investment solutions, but they will not allow you to select which one applies to your account. Ohio Deferred Compensation. Investment Performance Report—As of Decem.

The results shown represent past performance and should not be considered a representation of future performance or experience.

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Past. performance cannot guarantee future results. Current investment results may be lower or higher than quoted in this report. The. According to a survey,* most NQDCs offer participants a menu of investment options, with more than half (57%) offering the same as the menu offered in their qualified deferred compensation plan.

"There are typically dozens, if not hundreds of investments options to choose from," advises Shailendra Kumar, "so keep an eye on diversification. You can remain in your default target date investment or change how all or part of your account balance is invested at any time by accessing your DC account through your PSERS Member Self-Service (MSS) account. You can select a different target date investment or choose from among 11 additional investment options.

Under the SERS umbrella, there are three different plan options. These plans were significantly changed January 1, If you select SERS as your group retirement plan, you are automatically enrolled in the Class A5 hybrid plan. Deferred Comp Plan Provides you with a voluntary supplemental investment plan with tax deferred savings.

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maintain the tax deferred status on these assets. This Fact Sheet discusses the difference between rollovers and transfers and the rules and regulations regarding this activity.

Three Different Types of Transfers and Rollovers Transfers are the non-taxable movement of assets from one plan trustee to another. Plan-to. One option upon distribution is to roll your money over into another tax-deferred retirement account. This will allow you to maintain the tax-sheltered growth while avoiding taxes on the distribution.

SERS Defined Contribution Plan; SERS Hybrid Plan; Remember that the retirement benefit you receive from the commonwealth is only one portion of what you will rely on for a healthy retirement. Participate in an optional deferred compensation plan to grow your retirement savings with personal investments that supplement your commonwealth retirement.

The Washington State Investment Board provides a range of options. The amount of your defined contribution account depends on how much you contribute and the performance of your investments.

Membership in SERS Plan 3 In general, you are automatically a member of SERS if you are hired into an eligible position. A SERS-eligible position is normally. Deferred Compensation Program (DCP) Plan 3: TAP – Total Allocation Portfolio (Plan 3: PERS, SERS or TRS) Plan 3: Self-Directed Investment Program (Plan 3: PERS, SERS or TRS) PERS, SERS, and PSERS Plans 1, 2 and 3; Teachers’ Retirement Systems (TRS Plans 1, 2 and 3).

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Deferred Compensation Program The Smart, Easy Way to Save DCP is a supplemental retirement savings program offered by DRS to public employers at no cost. This benefit provides your employees with the opportunity to invest money through payroll deductions while deferring federal taxes. The Deferred Compensation Plan also offers a Self-Directed Brokerage (SDB) Option for those participants who are knowledgeable about investments and understand the associated risks.

You may invest up to 20% of the balance of your account balance in the SDB Option. Voya Financial is the new DRS record keeper for DCP, Plan 3 and JRA accounts. Visit the DRS record keeper information page for more info. Detailed descriptions of the investment options available to members in the plan. View Fund Profiles: Fee Disclosure Notice Explains the fees you pay and the potential impact on your defined contribution account balance.

View: Investment Guide Introduces types of risk, the importance of asset allocation/diversification and your investment. contribution toward your investment plan is % of your pay. In general, the pension portion of your benefit is guaranteed to grow by % of your pay for each year you work for a SERS-participating employer.

Income or loss in your investment plan is based on your investment choices and the markets. As such, investment options that invest primarily in commodities may experience greater volatility than investments in traditional securities.

8. Asset allocation and balanced investment options and models are subject to the risks of the underlying funds, which can. The State of Illinois Deferred Compensation Plan (“Plan”) is a supplemental retirement plan for State employees. Contributions to the Plan can be made on a pre-tax or after-tax (Roth) basis through salary deferrals. However, the combined pre-tax and Roth contributions cannot exceed the IRS limit.

The deferred comp plan prides itself on providing a simple, yet custom investment lineup built specifically for Missouri savers. The cornerstone of our investment options are the Missouri Target Date Funds, which provide professionally-managed, broadly-diversified portfolios named for different retirement dates. WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Janu) – The California State Teachers’ Retirement System, the world’s largest educator-only pension fund, announced the appointment of Teresa Schilling as Chief Public Affairs Officer effective January   IV of the State Employees Retirement System “SERS(”) is now available, and (2) Members are therefore encouraged to research the investment options that members may also participate in optional deferred compensation or B plans (the.

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Nonqualified deferred-compensation plans often have requirements like minimum tenure in a job, and if the company goes bankrupt, the assets of the nonqualified plan are subject to creditors. Before investing, you should carefully consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. This and other information is contained in the fund prospectus or fact sheet, which is available by calling Read it carefully before you invest. Table of Fund Options Performance Option Ticker Symbol6 NAV. In , the board implemented the State of Nebraska Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP). DCP, as authorized by IRS Code §, is a voluntary retirement savings plan which allows state employees the ability to defer and invest a portion of their compensation for retirement.   School Employees’ Retirement System (“PSERS”) first hired on or after July 1, Similar to the SERS (a) Plan, Act 5 created two new hybrid classes of defined benefit/defined contribution options and a straight defined contribution option for PSERS members, to be effective on or after July 1,   Some companies offer their employees the option of postponing part of their pay until after they retire through what is called a non-qualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plan. . Deferred Compensation Program Plan Administration Services The STATE EMPLOYEES' RETIREMENT SYSTEM (SERS) (Issuing Office) has issued this RFP on behalf of the Determine the investment options to be offered through the Program and to choose the investment managers to provide those options as required. of your investments. Eligibility for SERS Plan 3 You are eligible for SERS Plan 3 membership if the position you were hired into on or after Sept. 1, , is eligible. SERS members hired on or after July 1, , have 90 days from the first day of employment to choose between SERS Plans 2 and 3. It’s possible you defaulted into Plan 3 if you.

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Forms and Publications by Subject See forms and publications listed by Name or Category. Publications Listed by subject. 30 Years of Service PERS Plan 1 PostYear Program Public Employees— Retirement System (PERS) Plan 1 members who earn 30 years of service credit may choose to have their postyear retirement contributions placed in a separate, refundable account that earns [ ]. tra investment management fees results in one dollar more in investment returns. The investment program contains competitively bid and professionally managed investment funds, including the Plan’s 12 pre-arranged portfolios. Below is a comparison of fees incurred in the City’s Deferred Compensation Plan versus the fees incurred in similar.   Deferred Compensation Employees may set aside supplemental retirement savings via salary reductions with the deferred compensation program, which includes (k), (k) Roth, (b) and plans. All employees hired after J for the first time, and who are participating in a retirement plan are auto-enrolled in a (k) plan with a. Although the SEDCP does not currently offer an annuity payment option, there is some ancillary actuarial consulting work involved in the Board’s administration of the SEDCP. The Board also administers the Commonwealth’s Deferred Compensation Plan (“DCP”), an IRC §(b) deferred compensation plan. ing your career, investing in Deferred Compensation for years, and understanding the various benefits you’ll receive from SERS and Social Security. Do yourself a favor and take one of the most important steps in a long career by sign-ing up for the Investing in Your Future workshop (schedule is on the next page). Contact your agency’s. investment options for additional fees. The SDBA is intended for knowledgeable investors who acknowledge and understand the risks associated with the investments contained in the SDBA. 1 Asset allocation and balanced investment options and models are subject to the risks of their underlying investments. What Retirement Plans are Available from the State of WA? •Defined benefit plan –(a) PERS, SERS & TRS Plans 1 & 2 o Service Credit Years (SCY) o Average Final Compensation (AFC) •Defined contribution plan –(b) Deferred Compensation Program (DCP) o Contributions o Investment Returns •Hybrid plan –(a) SERS & TRS Plans 3 o Defined benefit o Defined contribution.